Ep. 34 David Rodriguez – Fatherhood

We are not at a funeral home. We are in Trinidad, CO. Home to the only funeral home in Colorado.

Holy Smokes are we excited about this episode of the Schooling Noah Podcast! Generally speaking, Schooling Noah w/Aaron Maslow and a Special Guest is recorded in the charmingly dismal basement of the Mutiny Information Cafe in sweet Denver, CO. However, thanks to the efforts of Wally Wallace (formerly of Sexpot) and his team of ass-bustin’ ass-busters, this episode was recorded at the first Southwest Chief Bicycle and Comedy Festival in Trinidad, Colorado! If it sounds like a big deal, that’s because it is! Today’s episode is dedicated to Wally. He went to every length to create one of the most positive and fun comedy festivals in the entire state.

This podcast features comedian, producer, reproducer and now radio actor, David Rodriguez! He is here today to talk about rearing children. This is a topic we at the show know all too well; what with Aaron having a ton of children and Noah being a child and such! But neither one of us can hold a stick to the grand daddy of all the daddies, D-Rod! David has been a father for nearly a dozen years and just added a new model to the household as recently as the mid-to-late-2010’s. He raves about his children’s successes and their shortcomings. Most of all, he educates on fatherhood by sharing his experiences finding places to nap.

We had a great time making this show. And we threw in a bonus for our listeners. Be sure to tune in for another sketch! This one is about a cat.

Thank you for supporting our project. If you are a fan of comedy, then you should definitely check out David. In addition to frequently touring the US performing comedy, he is a wunderkind when it comes to producing comedy shows in his hometown, Ft. Collins, CO. He is so versed in building events, that he has recently undertaken his own comedy club. Please consider donating as a founding member of the Comedy Fort! More at his website: www.davidcomedyrodriguez.com

Also, James Pate is the man! He was crucial in making this episode happen! We love you James!!

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Ep. 33 Georgia Comstock – Murderers

Statistically, one is a killer.

This episode of Schooling Noah w/Aaron Maslow and a Special Guest is going to be an instant classic! Today’s special guest is Georgia Comstock. She is genuinely well-versed in all things serial killer! That’s right….Murdererererererererers….eeewwwww!!!

Driven by the fear of becoming a victim of murder crime, Georgia has spent the better part of her adulthood consuming information on serial killers and murderers. She shares some of her thoughts and expertise about the killers that give her the biggest creeps including Ed Gein Jr., Jeffrey Dahmer, TBK, The Coed Killer, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Gary Ridgeway and others.

Georgia answers some of the most difficult questions surrounding the way murderers think. Questions like: Why’d they do what they did? How do they get caught? Are there more murderers out there? Who gets killed? What’s the best way to murder? Does committing murder ever get boring? Why are they all serial killers from Wisconsin? She delves into the different types of motivation for killers and dissects the differences between serial killers, mass murderers and terrorists!

This is an invigorating episode! It’s as hilarious as it is chilling! Other topics covered in this podcast are the fire at Noah‘s apartment last night, Aaron‘s Canadian friend (suspected murderer), and Another Sketch!!

We are stoked you could join us. Be sure to share the podcast with your friends…and check out Mutiny Information Cafe for all of your second-hand book, record and media buying needs! Also, come down and check out Georgia’s stand-up show at Mutiny, Comedy Super Jam, last Fridays of every month starting at 10:00 PM.

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Ep. 32 Brandt Tobler – Money Runner

Three men and another man’s baby. His name is Noah Reynolds.

It wasn’t long after moving to Las Vegas that Brandt Tobler found good, honest work running cash for high end bookies. He was tasked with taking pockets full of cash (Not chips or checks or Venmo receipts, Aaron!) and placing obscene bets at sports books up and down the Strip.

In this episode of the Schooling Noah Podcast, our guest, comedian and author, Brandt Tobler, tells of how he ended up changing careers from Treasure Island pirate to Money Runner for some of the top sports betters in the US. The way Tobler tells it, it’s just like any other job except that at the end of the day, your legs aren’t gonna get broke because you lost your boss $400k on the shitty Denver Broncos!

Brandt lays it out for Noah, Aaron and our supremely devoted audience of 38–Schoolies we call ’em–on just what it takes to make the big bucks as a Vegas runner. Or, if the stakes aren’t high enough you can learn how to become a bookie yourself. And that’s not all! We also get to topics like Wyoming, college in Phoenix, another sketch! and all of the endeavors Brandt is involved in. Here is a guy who is always making the most of a situation including this podcast. We are lucky to have him and it is a great listen!

Check out Brandt’s Comedy Central This is Not Happening, his book Free Roll, his award winning podcast The 31 Podcast, or support him live at the comedy club. For dates and showtimes visit www.brandttobler.com.

We are also proud to be part of the Mutiny Podcast Network through the Mutiny Info Cafe. Pick up a book, record or coffee at 2 S. Broadway in Denver, CO. Big thanks to Cory and Jim for helping produce this podcast….and Cory’s little boy Rev (pictured) for doing the heavy lifting.

We have used excerpts from the fine resources available at www.freesound.org and www.bensound.com. Thanks for keeping it free!

Thanks to our audience who keep tuning in and sharing what they like. We do it for you!

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Ep. 31 Lizzy Wolfson – Animal Nutrition

Lizzy is king of the pets. She’s only lost a couple of horses.

Lizzy Wolfson joins Aaron and Noah on today’s episode of Schooling Noah! Lizzy is here to educate these buffoons on the importance of animal nutrition. You want your dog to live to 1,000? Feed it. Every day. You want to cremate your horse? Do it. The point is, like humans, animals thrive when given the proper diet.

This episode touches on different facets of animal health including vaccines. According to Lizzy, vaccines are just a way for “Big Vet” to perpetuate your animal’s ill health, forcing you to take them in, buy unnecessary treatment and services all in an attempt to extend their lives. What kind of monster would do that to their pet? You, that’s who. Whether you believe in medical science or not, know that Lizzy doesn’t.

Regardless of her beliefs, her back ground in nutrition is solid. At least that’s what she told Noah when he started to fire back. She has been keeping animals alive since the early nineties. This includes several horses, but most notably, Red Dog; a farm dog that wouldn’t work unless spoken to in Spanish. Lizzy highlights what it means to keep an animal healthy and happy. There is also a discussion about Noah‘s dog, Oso, a certified therapy pet that runs sideways and may be contracted autism from the kids he helps (i.e. Noah).

In addition to all of this fun, there is another sketch! This time Noah gets a job working at the McDonald’s drive thru. Oh, the calamity that ensues….

Find more about Lizzy at Wolf Hawk Comedy’s page

We are joined this week by Mutiny‘s very own, Cory Helie, who voices a part in our sketch. More importantly, he set up the audio and hustles every day to make a wonderful life for his wife and son, Rev. Please visit Mutiny and support them as they support us and we support you in all that you do. (2 S. Broadway, Denver, CO)

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