Ep. 39 – John Novosad – Backgammon

One of John’s favorite games will soon be yours. Thanks for tuning into another great episode of Schooling Noah w/Aaron Maslow & a Special Guest. Noah and Aaron are lucky as hell to get to talk to the impressively knowledgeable and hilarious, John Novosad. John is a long time comedian from Boulder and lover of Bob Dylan, but more importantly,… Read more →

Ep. 38 – Gabby Gutierrez-Reed – Roller Derby

Just Gabby’n about Roller Derby! Hey everyone! It’s time for Schooling Noah w/Aaron Maslow and a Special Guest! This week, Gabby Gutierrez-Reed explains the intricacies of the lesser-known American pastime of Roller Derby. Roller Derby is played on a track with smashers and crashers and, well, that’s about as far as we got. This episode not only includes the technical… Read more →

Ep. 37 Mo Vida – Psychobabble

Mo is the queen of psychology. Hey kids! It’s another adorable episode of Schooling Noah w/Aaron Maslow & a Special Guest. What makes it so adorable? Wouldn’t you like to know….no! It’s our special guest! She’s amazing! Today Noah and Aaron speak with Mo Vida about psychobabble. Psychobabble? Psychobabble. That is the condescending pseudo-psychology that people use to show their… Read more →

Ep. 36 Nic Dean – Drive Thru Fast Food

Nic and Noah have some catching up to do. Welcome to the Schooling Noah podcast! This is the podcast where Aaron Maslow and Noah Reynolds get educated by their special guest. Today, they are talking to legendary fast food expert, Nic Dean. In addition to being one of Denver’s super funny folks, Nic is also a bona fide drive thru… Read more →

Ep. 35 Steve Gillespie – Texas Hold ‘Em

A pirate’s favorite game is Go Fish Noah and Aaron are back with another exciting episode of the Schooling Noah Podcast! Our special guest this time around is none other than the devilishly handsome and angelically smart, Steve Gillespie. In addition to being heralded as one of earth’s greatest creations, Steve is well-versed in all things Texas hold ’em, a… Read more →

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